Get To Know Us

Karl Jennings

I have been a massage therapist since 2002. Since then I have worked for large corporations in the massage industry and owned my own massage therapy business for about half that time.

My modalities are Swedish, Sports, Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Aromatherapy. Many of my clients come to me for either relaxation massage or deep tissue massage. I can comfortably say that I’m highly recommended by my clients who enjoy both modalities of massage therapy.

Deborah Thompson

Skin Deep Esthetics & Ashiatsu Deep feet Therapy

“I love helping my clients by showing them how to help themselves through proper skincare and bodywork”  I truly understand pain, for I have experienced it myself some years ago…and with lots of self care & bodywork I was able to over come and that’s why I have so much compassion for my clients and their pain. My goal is to help them find that path to recovery and health. My training goes back 20 years and have taken modalities in Zen Shiatsu, Acupressure, and I am a Master Ashiatsu therapist of 16 years. I did my training under the supervision of founder RUTHIE Hardee and I also am licensed Esthetician trained at Hoss Lee Academy back in 2011 and I specialize in Lira Clinical Skincare line. I offer microdermabrasion and Lira Clinical Peels.. As well luxury facials! My passion for skin goes far back I can remember. With both my parents being hairdresser it was   inevitable that I would follow in their path and be part of this amazing industry.

I love spending time with my boyfriend Tom and my daughter Kayla…. as well as my family! One of my other passion is Tribal belly dancing and I am currently in training to some teaching in the future! As they say if you love what you do then it’s not work it’s your calling! I truly  love what I do!

Melody Jones

Fitness and nutrition has always been a big part of my life. After battling cancer for five years, I personally identify with the importance of staying healthy, and being fit, for a better quality of life.

I have contributed to the fitness industry since 1988. My first teaching experience as a personal trainer began in 1987. I achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. In 1994, I received my first CMT license, and decided to specialize in sports massage and injury management.

The focus of my work is to aid in the prevention, and recovery of injuries in athletes.

Amber Che Dowty

Been a Certified Massage Therapist for 12yr. Graduated from Bryant College. I practice Swedish, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Ashiatsu & Chakra Balancing massage.


I have been a Certified Massage Therapist in California since 2012. In that time I’ve done over 2000 hours of massage. My experience has served as a large component in the versatility of what I offer as a CMT and the variety in clientele I can accommodate.

I am beyond passionate about the services I provide and dedicated to creating a relaxing and healing environment. I pride myself in my professionalism and the ethical grounds as to which I have based my business.

My goals for my clients, whether they’re new to massage therapy or “ massage veterans”, are:

​Promote: To promote the many benefits of regular massage treatment.
Educate: To educate my clients on self-care so they may get the most out of life.
Healing: Our bodies are built to heal themselves, but sometimes they need a helping hand (or two!).

Contact me today for more information, so we can get started!

Sandra K.

A Psychic Medium  and Certified Reiki Master and General Reconnective Healing Practitioner  (333). She has been Reading and working as a Healer  professionally  for over 15 years.

During your reading Sandra has the ability to connect to your past loved ones, Guides and Angels,  as well as receive messages and guidance related to your past, present, or future concerns.

Sandra K. specializes in helping you through your grieving process by connecting to the other side, and providing insight and guidance for any diffuculties you may be facing allowing you to be more centered  balanced and empowered.


Rachael has been a Massage Therapist since 2006. She is CAMTC certified and specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, and Ashiatsu Deep Feet Therapy. Rachael uses a custom blend of modalities to enhance and complete the overall experience. She aspires toward healing and practices a variety of techniques to succeed in your body’s process. Incorporating essential oils, hot stones, and  cupping, she helps relax and create the magical treatment for your needs. Her vision is to have positive wellness through the mind, body and spirit.

Rachael is available Tuesday-Sunday.

Please call or text to contact @ 916-532-9089 to make your appts. Or you can find her by clicking the “Book Now” button.